Be Prepared for Winter!

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This time of year it’s important to know how to keep your pets safe and warm. Try not to let your dog off the leash on snow or ice, especially during a snowstorm, dogs can easily become lost and may lose your scent easier. Make sure your dog always wears ID tags.  Thoroughly wipe off your dog’s legs and stomach when they come in out of the sleet, snow or ice. They can ingest salt, antifreeze or other potentially dangerous chemicals while licking their paws, and their paw pads may also bleed from snow or encrusted ice. Never shave your...

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Pet Care Services

Our mission at Davis Pet Care is to take the work out of owning a pet.The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow into our company, pets we allow into our solitude.  ~Robert Brault.From walking and training to vet visits and shopping, we provide you and your beloved pet with professional, reliable pet care. What we believe:We believe that your pet deserves the best life a pet can have.  It can never compare to what they offer us in return. We believe that allowing pets to be comfortable in their own home leads to...

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