Davis Pet Care offers a wide range of services to help you care for your pet.  Our trustworthy staff can be counted on to ensure that your pets’ needs are attended to and that you don’t have to disrupt your daily schedule.

Davis pet care services

Dog Walks: For dog’s walking is one of the best parts of the day.  We set a brisk, steady pace, training as we go to ensure consistency and 20-30 minutes of quality exercise for your dog.

Pet Training: Having fun is an important part of learning.  Most animals require consistent training and attention.  Working with aggressive, timid, young and old, it has been our experience that if we approach a situation as if it is already second nature to the animal, they will learn faster and enjoy doing things for you.  A dog’s ability to learn is as unique as their personality.

Managing Veterinarian Visits: With busy schedules and the difficulty taking off work, we provide you a way to ensure that your pets get to their appointments without you loosing time.  We provide transport to and from the vet office and guarantee a full report of the visit with an explanation of any prescriptions or recommendations made by your pet’s veterinarian.  ($15/30 minutes)

Purchasing of Pet Supplies: Again, we understand that you lead a full and busy life, but still want to ensure that your pets have what they need.  We will go to the store of your choice and pick up items for your pet.  We will leave the receipt to be totaled with payment.  Shopping charges are based on time spent.  ($10./20 minutes)

Pet Sitting: Boarding pets can sometimes be stressful to an animal that would much rather stay in an environment that they are accustomed to.  We will sit for your pets while you are out of town.  Charges are based on how often they need to go out and other considerations such as location or special needs.

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